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My name is Josh, and I used to suffer from sex addiction., porn addiction, and compulsive masturbation. I guess "suffer" is a funny way to put it, because while I was addicted, it sure didn't seem like suffering. But the longer it went on, every minute of ecstasy or pleasure I experienced was followed by hours of embarrassment and dread. So before I tell you about how I got better, I'm going to tell you what my life was like when I was at my worst.

My day would start with my masturbation addiction. I'd wake up and go right to the computer to check the pornography I had downloaded the night before. The porn was violent and disgusting and it ended up perhaps permanently changing my view of women. After masturbating 1-2 times, I would shower and go to work. While at work, I'd frequently daydream about my sex addiction and then frequently think about how I was going to stop masturbating or stop my porn addiction. My mind became half occupied with sexual thoughts and setting up meetings with women I met online and half occupied feeling guilty and ashamed that I couldn't stop these cravings. Oh and if there was any room left to think it was spent thinking about how to hide my secret life from my family and friends.

The day I turned things around was the day my wife found my secret porn stash and my online chat histories on the computer. The story is too long to tell here, but I devoted the next year of my life to getting better. I saw therapists, I read books, I did research, and I talked to people to figure out how I was going to stop my porn addiction, stop masturbating so much, and stop my sex addiction. In the end, it was worth it. I moved on from my old life and am living a successful addiction free life.

I knew that there were millions of other men suffering from the same problems I suffered from, so I dedicated months more of my life into coming up with something called the Healthy Sexuality System. In short it tells you exactly what you are going to have to do to overcome your addiction and even gives you a dedicate dsupport partner who will help you for 6 months, by email. Just click the button below to learn more and to get started.

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